Newly opened attractions at Baltic Cruise Destinations by Cruise Baltic

If you strive to always give that extra exciting experience to your costumer, the Baltic region is the place to send them!

We have gathered some examples of brand new outstanding attractions that will deliver something unique, exclusive, active and educational to your guests.

Meet the Vikings in Stockholm, Sweden…

Vikingaliv offers tourists a chance to experience one of the most captivating periods in Nordic history – the Viking Age. It is a museum that presents the Vikings’ own history through a dramatized tale in a unique Viking Ride, exhibition, restaurant, and shop. Vikingaliv is based on historical facts combined with the very latest discoveries of Viking history. Facts are conveyed playfully and interactively. Vikingaliv will feature illusions, fantasies, and exciting tales.

Get a glimpse into Estonian’s history and cinema at Tallinn…

Tallinn’s KGB Prison Cells, are now open to visitors and have won Best Tourism Accomplishment at theTallinn Entrepreneurship Awards 2017!

The building from 1912 has had a remarkable role in the recent history of Estonia and is now used as a flag for the importance of the respect for human rights. Arrested Estonian politicians, civil servants, intellectuals, veterans of the War of Independence, but also ordinary people were beaten and tortured there, and then sentenced to death or imprisonment. The prison cells built in the basement have remained a symbol of communist terror to this day. Visitors can explore the basement comprising two corridors, six prison cells, and a punishment cell.

Another of Tallinn’s new-opened attraction is the Estonian Film Museum. It provides you with playful works of art, inspired by masterpieces of Estonian film.

Get a bite of new nordic food at Malmö, Sweden…

Malmö Saluhall is a new-opened indoor food market hall, an obvious a food lover’s paradise for anyone who loves quality produce and delicious food. Perfect place to get a taste of the Nordic food.


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