100 EA/PA Professionals Gathered At The 5th Annual Australia National EA/PA Conference

The 5th Annual Australia National EA/PA Conference took place on 10 – 12 April 2017 and 19 – 21 April 2017 at the luxurious 5-star Melbourne Marriott Hotel and Radisson Blu Hotel Sydney respectively.

Being the fifth run of the EA/PA Conference in Australia, the highly-acclaimed conference attracted approximately 100 Executive Assistants (EAs), Personal Assistants (PAs) and top executives from across the country to share and exchange insights, knowledge, success stories with like-minded individuals.

Participants had the opportunity to network and learn from award-winning EA/PAs, including Dimitra Zographos, Award Winning Executive Assistant of the Year 2015, from Western Union Business Solutions as well as executives and top experts from various disciplines such as John Karagounis, CEO of The CEO Circle and The EA Circle and Ros Cardinal, Award Recipient of Australia Leadership Coach of the Year 2016.

This year, with the focus on key challenges faced by modern assistants in their workplaces, conference delegates are exposed to informative sessions on the latest office technologies to help them improve workplace productivity, stress management techniques to effectively deal with work stress, as well as tips on acquiring political intelligence to complete their tasks in a shorter time.

“I came away very motivated to apply skills and techniques discussed during the conference and with a desire to bring them back to the workplace and share them with others. I had a greater depth of understanding about the integral role I play – affirmation is quite nice,” said Claire, an Personal Assistant from Roseville College Junior School. Delegates also enjoyed the quality of the conference sessions, ” The high standard of knowledge of the conference presenters who really added value and personally for me, a great deal of aspiration for my future capability and endeavor.”

Register your interest now to be part of the impressive gathering at the 6th Annual Australia National EA/PA Conference in 2018 to discover how your career can be transformed. Stay informed with the latest updates on the upcoming conference in 2018 by dropping an email to stefanie@claridenglobal.org with your contact details today!

For more information on the 5th Annual Australia National EA/PA Conference, please visit http://claridenglobal.com/conference/australia-eapa2017/.

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