France – Antibes Juan-les-Pins, rebirth of the business destination


Antibes Juan-les-Pins is treating its urban areas to a new look, creating additional cultural and sporting facilities (concert and multisport halls), so the new Conference Centre is opening just at the right moment. Antibes Juan-les-Pins is committed to providing a full range of quality tourism services, thereby renewing its tradition of hosting professional events. This is now possible thanks to the new conference centre and its facilities, capable of attracting a new business clientele and putting the emphasis on touristic development by banking on the immense popularity of our destination and the quality of services offered by our tourism professionals.

With many impressive architectural achievements to his name – housing, offices, shops, shopping centres, renovation of entire districts – the architect Jean-Jacques Ory has already played a significant role in the transformation of our urban scenery.

This centre is above all a strong symbol in our town, comprising a surface area of 14,000 m² and offering residents a lively and convivial place. With a decidedly contemporary architectural style, adapted to its environment and combining practicality with aesthetic appeal, it will stand out and particularly reflect the dynamism of the destination. This new conference centre truly belongs in the heart of Juan-les-Pins and will be an excellent springboard for the development of business tourism in Antibes Juan-les-Pins.

The former conference centre, located in Juan-les-Pins, was completed in 1971. It comprised an auditorium with 600 seats, a conference hall with 250 seats and 5 meeting rooms for 20 to 100 people. After undergoing works several times in order to conform to changing norms, this major installation was eventually demolished by the town in January 2011 since it no longer met the criteria of practicality and comfort expected from this type of building.

Business tourism is a relatively recent domain which has seen considerable development in the course of the past few years. Today France is home to approximately 145 conference structures and over 1,200 sites capable of hosting events for around 300 people. In this sector, now highly competitive, it is essential to stand out and highlight the differences with regard to other French destinations.

Committed to a policy of economic dynamism and promoting its image, the town therefore decided to have a new conference centre built and called in the Parisian architect Jean-Jacques Ory.


  • An auditorium with 500 seats.

  • 12 multi-purpose meeting rooms, with daylight.

  • 1 exhibition hall with 1.600m² of surface area.

  • 1 car park offering 376 parking slots (in addition to the adjoining car park of 347 slots).

  • A restaurant with panoramic view offering a stunning view of the ocean and the sea resort.

  • An area of 7,500m² reserved for shops, with a brasserie, large boutiques and a fitness centre.

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The Team

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