Spain – Gonzalez Byass Winery, Jerez

It was in 1835 when a young andalusian founded González Byass and started a long, and passion-filled journey, edicated to the world of wine Tío Pepe was the first fino sherry to reach England in the mid-19th century, and it gradually gained recognition on other markets.

The iconic bottled dressed up as Tío Pepe has been admired, depicted and acknowledged
by artists and famous names all over the world, helping to promote the international brand image, which is present today in over 102 countries, and is probably one of Spain’s most recognized brands.

The González Byass Winery is a unique and striking venue in the heart of Jerez de la Frontera. Founded in 1835, the winery is in fact a complex of vine shaded streets, warehouses, historic gardens and stunning settings near the Alcazar of Jerez ​and the main churches of the city.​

Spaces for Events:
The winery has a variety of spaces that can be adapted to each client´s needs

Bodega Los Gigantes: New and espectacular winery, of Stone arches and with a side of windows, which give access to the outdoor garden area and provides light and give a unique atmosphere.

Real Bodega de la Concha (1869): Designed by the famed French engineer Gustav Eiffel,
this winery was built in honour of Queen Isabel II of Spain, who visited the winery in October 1862. Within the winery are 214 casks of La Concha Amontillado
bearing the flags of the 115 countries where González Byass wines are exported.

Los Apóstoles Bodega: This square-shaped winery was built in 1857 and contains a total of 56 columns. This spectacular winery is ideal for large events as it allows a complete vision of all guests. It also has a stage and complete audio-visual equipment.

Bodega los Reyes: The “King’s Winery” is so named because it bears the signatures of the various royal houses that have visited González Byass. An ideal venue for gala banquets. Three large doors of the winery open onto a vine shaded patio.

La Constancia Bodega: an ideal venue for cocktails or dinners surrounded by fruit trees
and accompanied by the scent of orange blossoms and jasmine with spectacular views of the Alcazar of Jerez.

Villa Victorina Gardens: This spectacular Botanical Garden contains plants and trees
imported by ship from the various countries where TIO PEPE is exported.
This is a unique venue to have dinner or aperitifs surrounded by lush vegetation and a lighted fountain.

Lepanto Patio: Located in the heart of our oldest Brandy winery, this vine covered patio
is an ideal spot for a refreshing drink on summer evenings surrounded by arcades with a small central “aljibe” or well with Events in the South you can have from small VIP board meetings to large conferences and presentations of all sizes.

The Team

The Team

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