Slovakia – Hall of Mirrors in Primate´s Palace

The Primate’s Palace is one of the most beautiful classicist buildings in Slovakia. Portraits of Hungarian rulers are exhibited in the picture gallery. An impressive part of the gallery is a collection of six tapestries found in the reconstruction of the palace. The Hall of Mirrors is also representative along with five salons furnished with period furniture and named after the color of the walls – green, brown, blue, red and gold.

On the roof are allegorical statues by J. Kögler and F. Prokop as well as vases by J. A. Messerschmidt. Atop the tympanum is the coat of arms of Cardinal Jozef Batthyányi, the first occupant of the palace; an iron model of his hat, weighing 150kg, crowns the building.

The allegorical statutes along the roofline were intended to represent the cardinal’s human qualities and achievements. The Treat of Bratislava between France and Austria was signed in the palace’s Hall of Mirrors on 26 December, 1805. Today the palace is the office of the mayor of Bratislava, and the superb Hall of Mirrors is now used to host concerts or private events.

Like at most of the palaces in Bratislava, a red carpet can’t be missing here either. Tall white columns, symbolic statues and small lamps complete the final look of the staircase leading to the main hall.

The Hall of Mirrors is famous for being the seat of signing the Peace Treaty of Pressburg between Austria and France in 1805. Nowadays it serves as the location for Bratislava City Council meetings and also various concerts and conferences happen here, too.

And of course, the famous English tapestries which were manufactured in Great Britain in the 17th century and found in the Hall of Mirrors accidentally during a reconstruction are a must-see when you come to this place.

The palace, which today acts as the mayor’s office, is available for private events. A seated gala dinner for up to 100 delegates can be served here. A private tour of the palace’s bel étage can be organized to precede the dinner.

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