Korea – Seoul targets incentive groups with Experience Programme

Corporate and incentive groups coming to Seoul may qualify for its new experience programme support.

For qualifying corporate groups and meetings staying at least two consecutive nights in Seoul and at least 100 total nights altogether, Seoul can help organise an experience program and offer financial subsidies and discounts.

Five main experience programmes were developed for groups:

  1. Walking on the upcoming urban sky park of Seoullo 7017.
  2. Bicycle riding on the Han River
  3. Trekking on the Seoul City Wall
  4. Traditional culture programs such as hanbok wearing, traditional instrument lessons, etc offered by a Seoul MICE Alliance organization 
  5. K-Pop dance lesson and makeover

In addition to the five programmes, interested groups can also propose an experience program through a local travel agency for consideration of support.

100 members of an incentive group from a major Singaporean insurance group recently became one of the first to experience the offer, with an “Amazing Race” game in the capital.

Divided into smaller groups, members were given a variety of tasks around the city such as recreating the Train to Busan movie poster at Seoul Station, striking K-Pop idol poses at Namdaemun, taste-testing Korean beer to try and identify the glass filled with Singaporean beer, trying out the street food of Namdaemun Market and Myeongdong streets, and other activities.

The Team

The Team

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