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With just 1 month left to go before the launch of the new Ferrari Land theme park, PortAventura World Parks & Resort unveiled more news about the project at an event held yesterday in Madrid that featured Edurne as a special guest as well as Marc Gené, test driver for Ferrari. The resort’s 3rd theme park will open on 7th April to coincide with the first day of the new season at PortAventura Park.

 11 international landmark attractions

The spirit of Ferrari Land is a tribute to the excellence of the Italian artistic heritage that has been reflected in its iconic buildings and, in turn, pays homage to the genius Enzo Ferrari, whose legendary cars stand as symbols of speed, technology and innovation.

Ferrari Land has been designed so that visitors are able to experience the true excitement of the Ferrari legend. The new park, with an area of 70,000 square metres, will have 11 attractions designed for the whole family, with a hefty dose of technology and adrenaline. In addition, visitors can enjoy restaurants, shops and shows that all embody the spirit of Ferrari.

The large main building of Ferrari Experience will be the heart of Ferrari Land where families experience complete immersion in the two worlds of the Ferrari brand, GT and F1, through two incredible and technologically innovative attractions that are set to become international benchmarks. These two highly innovative technological attractions will allow visitors to jump right into the action in a way that has never been seen before. Ferrari Gallery is an impressive space inside the spectacular Ferrari Experience building where visitors will enjoy an interactive tour and learn about the story of the legendary Ferrari team.

Red Force is the name that has been chosen for the vertical accelerator. This ride accelerates to 180 km/hour in only 5 seconds and reaches a height of 112 metres, making it a veritable experience for Formula 1 fans and speed lovers. Without a doubt, Red Force has already made its mark in the park as its svelte form is visible from several kilometres away and has become integrated into the skyline of PortAventura World Parks & Resort. Its mighty height makes this attraction Europe’s highest and fastest roller coaster.

Visitors will also be able to enjoy the race circuit, an unforgettable journey of over 500 metres in one of the Italian company’s GT racing cars. On board this attraction the whole family will have the opportunity to experience the excitement of driving a scale reproduction of the legendary model “La Ferrari”.

Next to the circuit, we find the Free-Fall and Bounce-Back Towers, two attractions in the form of two towers that resemble giant pistons of a Formula 1 car. Each tower will have its own characteristics and will offer different experiences to those who decide to try them.

In addition, visitors will find 8 amazing semi-professional simulators to test their expertise as drivers. These simulators are very similar to the same ones used by F1 drivers during training and will undoubtedly be one of the attractions that true engine aficionados will not want to miss in their visit to Ferrari Land. Some of these simulators have been set up so that little ones are also able to test their skills at the wheel.

Besides these, there is another attraction specially designed for younger visitors. Seated on a miniature reproduction of a Formula 1 car, children will be able to experience all the excitement of skidding in an attraction inspired by the traditional “whip”.

One of the images that epitomises F1 team spirit is the wheel change. In the park’s Pit Stop two teams will compete to be the fastest in changing the 4 wheels of a true-to-scale Formula 1 car.

The perfect location for rest and relaxation

The new park will also have 5 restaurants that will immerse visitors in an authentic Italian environment where they can sample delicious dishes from the country’s exquisite cuisine. From the traditional Italian Trattoria based on the restaurant in Maranello (the home of Ferrari) where you can soak up the history of the Cavallino Rampante to a themed Fast Food outlet inspired by the legend of the Ferrari drivers and serving up classic recipes, and even delicious Italian ice cream parlours steeped in world-famous traditions.

And what’s a visit without a trip to the official Ferrari store? Visitors will be able to buy souvenirs of their time at the park as well as exclusive branded merchandise. A photo opportunity point will also be set up next to the entrance of the vertical accelerator.

Last but not least, Ferrari Land will also host its own entertainment: 3 different shows at different times of the day, as well as street animation teams that will brighten up the paths around the park.

Ferrari Land as a unique venue for events and meetings

PortAventura Business & Events offers a modern and versatile convention centre equipped with 18 multi-functional rooms with the capacity to hold up to 3000 people at the same time within an area of over 13,000 m2. In addition, for events held at the resort the Business & Event area will offer the opportunity to enjoy outdoor cocktails in Ferrari Land or a special dinner at the Trattoria where guests can sample the most delicious dishes in Italian cuisine. There will also be an option for companies to participate in team building activities or request exclusive opening of the new park.

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