5 Tips to Make Your Flight Easier by Andrew Larson

flight1320x742Over 8 million people catch a flight each day for work or for pleasure as it is a very convenient way to travel. Knowing some tricks will make your flight much less of a hassle. It does, however, require advance planning as the steps needed to make your flight hassle-free start at home with booking your flight, knowing how to dress and where to park at the airport. Follow these helpful five tips to make your flight easier.

Book a Saturday Flight

If you hate delays at airports, then book your flight on a Saturday. According to statistics, only 18.11 percent of flights are delayed on Saturday. The total continues to climb throughout the week with 29.11 percent of flights experiencing a delay on Fridays. If Saturdays are not practical then consider booking on Tuesday or Wednesday as these are usually the slowest travel days, so you can get through the airport much easier. Fly early in the day to avoid security delays which usually only build throughout the day.

Eliminate Checked Luggage When Possible

Checked luggage means that you have to find your way in a busy airport to the luggage area. Airlines lose about seven bags per 1,000 passengers which can be a real headache. Additionally, the amount that an airline will pay for a mishandled bag is very minimal. Most airlines will let you carry on a bag that is 45 inches when you add length plus width plus height. Additionally, many airlines will allow you to carry-on a large purse, so many people can go up to a week without needing a suitcase or doing laundry.

Use Off-Airport Parking

If you need to drive to the airport, then make arrangements to leave your car at a nearby parking facility. They will usually take you by shuttle directly to where you need to be at the airport without the hassle of trying to figure it out on your own. A quick call when you get back has them there in a jiffy. Since these lots are smaller, your car is much more carefully watched while you are away ensuring that you do not come home to a missing car or a car that has been damaged.

Dress in Layers

It is hard to regulate the temperatures inside an airplane, so make sure that you dress in layers for your flight. It does not take long for an airplane parked in the summer sun to become very warm inside. While airlines do their best, many older airplanes take a few minutes to cool off once the flight has started. Then, they may become too cold. The opposite can be true with flights leaving from colder climates. Additionally, you may be coping with wide fluctuations in the temperature between where you are leaving and arriving.

Be Nice to Airline Staff

Being nice to the staff at the airport can pay huge dividends. Start by being nice to the person at the airline counter, as they can upgrade your flight if they choose and you will have much more room in first class. Once inside the plane, be nice to the flight attendants as they can easily move you to better seats. If you want to be moved, however, make sure to wear a pant suit or business attire so that you look like you belong there.

This post was written by Andrew Larson, a semi-retired software engineer turned globetrotter and full-time travel enthusiast which now runs Wanderlust 15. For more information, visit Wanderlust 15.

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