Germany – Phantasialand builds new Hotel Charles Lindbergh

Matching the slogan „Sleep like an Aeronaut“, guests are going to have the opportunity to sleep in tube-rooms at Hotel Charles Lindbergh. Designed in Steam Punk Flair, the rooms are going to be fully Integrated into the new theme world Rookburgh that is currently under construction.

The retro-futurism-genre Steam Punk picks up technical novelties and materials from the victorian age – frequent elements are steam and gear-driven mechanisms as well as a victorian clothing style. Many of those details are going to be found north of the Phantasialand main entrance, where Rookburgh is coming into being. The main attraction is “F.L.Y.”, the worlds first Flying Launch Coaster. The hotel is named after Charles Lindbergh, the pilot of the first non-stop cross-atlantic flight.

After the Asian Hotel Ling Bao and the African Matamba, the Hotel Charles Lindbergh is the third overnight opportunity in the theme park. Phantasialand is one of the partners of the CCB and offers a variety of options with its hotels, meeting rooms and services that integrate business and leisure. The Hotel Charles Lindbergh adds another exciting hotel project to the Meeting Point Cologne. With more than 300 hotels and 32,000 beds, the city offers options for meetings and events of all kind.

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The Team

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