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It’s often considered as “a good idea, but not for now” – the use of sophisticated, full-service meeting apps or micro websites for events. Many companies (especially many CEO’s ) hesitate to implement technology that allows for registration, participation, data capture and communication before, during and after the event. The reason? The cost factor – but also the “fear of adding complexity”. Time to reconsider?

Think about the big role that social media play in your private and professional life. It’s that kind of immediate interaction and “always on” attitude, that we have to integrate in our MICE activities. It’s the MICE equivalent of “going the extra mile” to reach full potential and full return on investment from your events.

There are various providers for apps and micro website – Cvent being the biggest, but there are numerous start ups that boost the latest technology. The opportunities are very interesting: connecting attendees pre-event, intensify participation during the event, encourage interaction between attendees, increase the event awareness with non attendees, keep the relationship going post-event: all good reasons to consider adding an event-specific app or microsite to your event.

The cost of a micro website is on average five times lower than the cost of an app – and it can be branded to look a million dollars. Many companies propose ready-made, easily branded micro sites, the basic version is often free of charge.

The times when we just had to add a hashtag to our meeting in order to give a “social” touch to our meetings are long gone. The online age has not, contrary to some expectations, killed live meetings: at the contrary, companies and people feel the need to add live contact to the many and frequent virtual contacts among their employees, members and with their clients.

The tailormade meeting app and micro websites are going to be an important feature of MICE events throughout 2019. There you go, we officially started the trends and “5 imprtant things” lists for the next year.

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