Travel trends in 2015 are definitely favourable for Asia

In 2015 Asia will continue to maintain its hold on the tourism market. The most popular destinations will be Japanese cities as predicted by for the Asia Pacific travelers.

Japanese city  Tokyo will be the leading destination followed by Osaka replacing Hong Kong and Kyoto ranked in the tenth position of the list.

Trip Advisor has also chosen the Japanese city of Naha in the southern Okinawa province as the sixth worldwide popular destination for 2015.

Asia -Pacific has a booming market and the percentage of travelers are continuously surging. Outbound trips rose by 8 per cent in the first eight months of the year. Most Asians are likely to go for holiday in their own area.

Japan which was always a favorite has gained greater popularity now with value of yen falling. With yen price dropping to 15 per cent people prefer to travel to Japan.

Foreign arrivals have increased by 28 percent. With the depreciation of yen of about 13 per cent against the USD more tourists from the US are flocking to Japan.

Hong Kong has moved to third position owing to earlier protests in the city. But with things easing up Hong Kong may regain its old status and popularity.

Seoul went down to the fifth position but with the strong Chinese tourism flow there may be a promising revival for the city, according to a data by the UNWTO.

Bangkok and Phuket took fourth and ninth positions respectively. Thailand has faced setback since its political crisis began in 2013. Tourists stayed away due to tensed political situations in the past months. Visitor’s arrival fell by 10.4 per cent. But with the political situation a bit stable there has been a comeback with a gain of 4.2 percent of tourist inflow from October onward. 63 per cent of Chinese tourists continue to visit Thailand.

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